G.A.P Institute co-organizes the "Level Up" Program with Global Shapers - an organization of the World Economic Forum

Global Shapers Community Ho Chi Minh City is an organization that gathers about 20 - 30 people under 30 years old who are Social and Business Leaders from all different industries, including Finance, Investment, Accounting, Auditing, Education, Literature, Arts, F&B, etc... The mission of this community is to change and improve the local community's values through non-profit social activities. The World Economic Forum sponsors this community, and every year, they have Global Summits - Global Summits in Davos, Switzerland. According to the annual report of the World Economic Forum, one of the important agendas of Global Shapers is to improve the capacity of young people, especially 21st-century skills.

Global Shapers' Challenge 

During 2018 - 2020, Global Shapers in Ho Chi Minh City identified their important pillars, including "Improving the capacity of young Vietnamese people" through soft skills and global professional working skills. They encountered challenges:

  • First - Lack of experience: They are a collection of social & business leaders who need knowledge to run a more extended educational project.
  • Second - Lack of expertise in localization: They need to gain the experience to organize the World Economic Forum's program framework on soft skills into an indigenous and appropriate training program for Vietnamese people. 
  • Third - Lack of training capacity: They mainly focus on people working in businesses, operating NGOs, NPOs, and other corporations. Therefore, they are not trainers who can teach classes directly. For the above reasons, Global Shapers needs to find an academy to participate in organizing this Level Up Program.

Solutions from G.A.P Institute

G.A.P Institute sent a team of experts, including Instructional Designers, to work with Global Shapers to analyze the program framework proposed by the World Economic Forum. What are the characteristics of these soft skills, and how do they fit into the cultural, social, and economic context of working in Vietnam? After completing the analysis, G.A.P and Global Shapers will sit down with them to propose a long-term program lasting within one year, including ten soft skills of the World Economic Forum that will be trained under the auspices sponsored by Global Shapers. G.A.P Institute has designed this program exclusively to closely follow surveys and research on the indigenous capabilities of Vietnamese people. 

G.A.P students coordinate and directly organize the program with Global Shapers. While Global Shapers plays the role of project manager and is in charge of communications, marketing, and government relations to implement the program, G.A.P Institute is the unit that directly trains and organizes classes and participates in the admission process. 


The program lasts one year with six training sessions focusing on Career Planning, Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Communications. The program is implemented for young people under 25 years old. Each program has attracted more than 60 young people to participate. 100% of training sessions were rated four stars out of 5. In addition, this project became one of the typical projects of Global Shapers HCM. It was introduced at the Global Summit of the World Economic Forum, which is about community capacity-building activities.

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