Education Philosophy

G.A.P Institute not only enriches knowledge and core competencies for talented youth but also plays a pivotal role as a guiding force, assisting businesses and organizations in cultivating sustainable teams. We aspire to elevate the younger generation and Vietnamese brands on the journey of asserting Vietnam's position in the global integration landscape.

With a strong belief in the potential of the Vietnamese people, we place a strong emphasis on empowering Vietnamese talents through meticulously crafted training models founded on academic research and global practical experiences.

G.A.P carefully selects our teaching faculty and designs training programs based on rigorous standards. Most importantly, we consistently consult to tailor programs to the specific needs of each organization, drawing from experience, deep understanding, data-driven insights, and the unwavering dedication of our educators.

About G.A.P

G.A.P Institute is a consulting and training organization for Vietnamese human resources, with a mission to be recognized as a mission-based institute specializing in strategic talent training and development in Vietnam. We aspire to bridge the following gaps:

  • For individuals, G.A.P narrows the gap in workplace efficiency. We empower young professionals through global-standard programs in mindset, skills set, and core competencies. G.A.P is the launchpad for Viet's talents to go global.
  • For corporates, G.A.P narrows the gap in human capital. We use data-driven analysis to provide holistic and customized solutions, including consulting, training & development, and employer branding. G.A.P is the foundation for Viet's brands to build internal strengths sustainably.
  • For schools, G.A.P narrows the gap between development goals and realities. We deeply understand the challenges an education organization is facing in Vietnam and develop insightful strategies in all aspects, including school branding, student recruitment, and digital transformation. G.A.P is the trusted partner for Viet's schools to accelerate.

Our Courses

G.A.P Institute offers diverse training programs for individuals, businesses, educational institutions...

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From our students / From our partners

From our students

The programs and practical experiences at G.A.P have helped Thao confidently pursue the dream positions of many young people: President of Local Chapter – AIESEC, Business Consulting – Ernst & Young, International Market Manager – Masterise Homes...

From our partners

Techcombank highly values the “Talent Generation 2018” project in collaboration with G.A.P. The activities have generated a positive media impact and effectively recruited quality personnel for Techcombank.

Our Partners

Hợp tác trong các chương trình tuyển dụng, đào tạo, tư vấn chuyển đổi số...

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Client Case

G.A.P offers diverse training programs for individuals, businesses & universities.


G.A.P Institute jointly organizes the "Level Up" program with Global Shapers, an organization affiliated with the World Economic Forum.

Global Shapers Community Ho Chi Minh City is an organization that brings together approximately 20-30 individuals under the age of 30 who are...

Curriculum & Training Service G.A.P & VinGroup-VinUniversity

VinUniversity (est. 2019) is a private, elite university under Vingroup and in strategic alliances with Cornell University & University of Pennsylvania

Talent Acquisition Service G.A.P & Techcombank

Strategic cooperation with UNESCO-CEP and G.A.P Institute, Techcombank has successfully recruited 1000 young people and launched the Fast Track Program for the first time in history for talented Bankers.

In 2018,...


G.A.P serves as a strategic advisor to the Imperial Group in successfully establishing the Imperial International College - the only institution in Vietnam operating under the internationally recognized Hotel School training model. This program has undergone rigorous accreditation...

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What industries does G.A.P consult for?

With a core strength in consultancy and a network of experts across various sectors, G.A.P is confident in supporting businesses in a wide range of industries (such as education, finance, technology,...)

G.A.P's training programs cater to a wide range of segments, from students to working professionals, from entry-level to management. 

Furthermore, the G.A.P Institute also offers training programs and consultancy for businesses to enhance primary and specialized skills for their staff and companies. 

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G.A.P Institute is proud to be at the forefront of digital transformation in education. Hence, G.A.P offers online courses, designed for an effective and comprehensive online learning experience. Wherever you are, G.A.P can provide a learning solution that meets individual and business needs.

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Valuing young potential, G.A.P Institute has welcomed interns from top universities like Foreign Trade University (FTU), University of Economics HCMC (UEH), University of Economics and Law (UEL), RMIT University,... 

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