Start Date
Duration 36 hour
Address 42 Đặng Dung, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, TP.HCM
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Tuition Fee 3,600,000 VNĐ

Marketing is an essential part of the success of any product or brand. However, marketing is a huge array with a variety of positions and job characteristics. Most young people or students do not currently have an overview of the industry, nor are they equipped with practical knowledge and skills before entering the industry, thus not achieving a high level of performance.

The course’s objective:

An overview of marketing.
Understanding the nature of the positions in the industry, and understanding the correspondence between you and your position.
The learning environment from reality, in the form of COMPANY VOLUNTEER and ENTERTAINMENT, provides the opportunity to experience real, real-world thinking, addressing the real issues encountered in the advertising environment.
Ability to understand and analyze a marketing plan, and how to develop a media plan for a brand.
Soft skills needed for a professional working environment.
Special Features: There is a sharing of work experience and industry feel from successful individuals who have held high positions in the industry as guest speakers.

1. Marketing 101 – An overview of the industry and its preparation in the industry
2. Marketing Mindset – The Root Mind, Lean Ideas of the Real Marketers
3. Personal Branding – A complete set of strategies to build and manage your personal brand. Must be Marketing yourself first!
4. Brand Marketing – Building and telling a brand story is what? How to make the brand to be loved?
5. Trade Marketing – The Ministry of power in establishing the success of the company.
6. Insight-ing Process – The “heart” of any successful marketing strategy
7. Department of Survival Skills – Project Management Skills, Human Management, and Conquering Hard Teams

All of the above have hands-on exercises in the form of “role-playing” marketers in class, to make sure you memorize and practice as effectively as possible.

A typical classroom activity (CASE STUDY)

The “MARKETING: CAREER READY” course focuses on three main aspects: (1) professional working skills, (2) industry knowledge and experience, and (3) In simulated environment.

Students will:

  • Placed in the position of the staff in the agency / client environment to implement a real project.
  • During the course, students will experience real-life collisions, problems that arise, which can be dealt with in class, with the guidance of the trainer.
  • The learning environment and practice will be around 50-50 British and Vietnamese to help you prepare your students for a professional environment of global clients or agencies.
  • After that, the groups will give presentations about the survey results as well as make recommendations to customers. A follow-up session will be reserved for discussion and discussion with trainee training specialists.

This lesson will not only help you review the basics, apply them to specific cases, but also give you the skills you need to get the job done.


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