G.A.P Institute

G.A.P Institute was founded by a group of lecturers who have over 10 years of experience in developing young people in a variety of fields to build talented generation for economic integration on two missions: Narrowing the gap between Vietnamese and international students – Breaking down barriers between university auditorium with actual workplace. 

About our vision, G.A.P Institute strives to build an elite and ambitious young generation to leave a remarkable Vietnamese impression on international community, and thereby lay the foundation of replication and development for the next generation.

For the reasons above, G.A.P institute builds a supportive ecosystem to develop the youth’s proficiency with educational programs including 4 main categories:

  • Foreign language training through IELTS & Writing classes.
  • Professional skills training through Global Skillset classes.
  • Practical knowledge training through Career Ready classes.
  • Skills training through Career Mentoring classes


  • Investability: The course is committed to helping students take “profits” which amount to their spending – the practical values of work and life.
  • Relevance: The course was built by leading Vietnamese experts that have local and global working experience.
  • Diversity: The course has a diverse and flexible structure that can meet the needs of students.


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